15 June, 2010

Check out this home telephone booth designed for the homeless at the website, eColutionist.com - http://ecolutionist.com/?p=1014

06 June, 2010

Week 9.2

Week 9.2

This is a sketch drawn with an ink pen that was edited in Adobe Photoshop CS4. The subject matter is a fictional setting of a paved road overlooking a valley and mountains. Between tow hills in the valley, is a small town that glows golden colors from the sunlight.  I added color to it, then increased the saturation. I wish I could fix the highlights some more on it. I am satisfied with the amount of shadow used in the digital illustration. I had fun making this illustration into a fine piece of work with a good balance between color and shape.

05 June, 2010

Week 9.1

Week 9.1

Lights at the Zoo on December 19th, 2009. These lights and candy canes were definitely aesthetic to look at, so I decided to take a photo shoot. I chose this photograph, since it was the best out all of the photographs from the shoot. The different hues of green, azure, magenta and cream can be seen in the Christmas lights and candy canes. I like the contrast between the lights and the shadows and how they are balanced in the setting. I also like how the tall Christmas tree is offset to right of the center of the setting. If you look closely, you can see a reflection of the Christmas tree on the water. There was a small pond next to the trees at this portion of the setting.

01 June, 2010

Week 8.2

Week 8.2

Well, what can I say. A tabby cat in a box with a red box inside the box. The cat's name is Sofia, named after a character from the show The Golden Girls. This photograph was taken with the intent to capture a sporadic moment that shows an adorable subject matter. The cat in the center against the color red strengthens the focus of the viewers' eyes the center of the picture.

Week 8.1

Week 8.1

This is a picture of doing some serious studying after working out. The setting is balanced by the placement of the different objects in the background, as well as my bust in the center.

Trident Design Wallpaper #1

Trident Design Wallpaper #1

30 May, 2010

Week 7.2

Week 7.2 5-30-2010

This is a Photo-shopped picture of the model, Lady Lydia. This pose and outfit are inspired by different music artist such as The pussycat Dolls and Lady Gaga.

Week 7.1

Week 7.1 5-30-2010

I like to take photographs of the sky and use them as desktop wallpaper for my Dell Laptop. This photograph of the sky, clouds and sun was taken sometime in May 2010. The sun bleeds off the top right corner of the picture; its sun rays shine towards the opposite corner, causing balance in the photograph.

25 May, 2010

The Making of a Blissful Fantasy Album Art Design


20 May, 2010

Week 6.2 (May 20, 2010)

Week 6.2 (May 20, 2010)
 I call it, "Color Composition in Multiple Colors, #1." I went about this composition in a manner that is similar to how the late Jackson Pollock painted his paintings by using spontaneity. I first created a composition on Sketchbook Pro with the "Airbrush" tool and the "Marker" tool. I randomly drew curved lines into a doodle, using fourteen of the different sixteen standard colors. I then imported the digital composition into Adobe Photoshop and applied three different adjustments. I first used the filter called "glass" to give my composition a blurry and shiny look. Then I adjusted the colors to more blue and more yellow by using hue/saturation adjustment. Finally, I used the filter called "Stainglass" to pixilize my composition. I am pleased with how it turned out after I adjusted the size of the circles.

18 May, 2010

Week 6.1 (May 18, 2010)

Week 6.1  (May 18, 2010)

I call it, "Composition in Blue and Black #1." I wanted to try my hand at digital art that is similar to the art style of De Stijl, especially similar to that of Piet Mondrian's Composition No.10 - Pier and Ocean. I designed this digital piece with an asymmetrical structure and an off-center focus. I placed the black lines so that they are only horizontal and vertical. I tried making some of them diagonal, but it did not appear to work with my composition. I chose different line thickness for each of the lines to create variety and contrast. I ordered the structure of the lines around the off-centered self-portrait of me pondering. The glow on the far right side of the photograph is a filter for "lens-flare" called "movie prime." This happens to be my favorite filter to use in my photography that I edit with Adobe Photoshop. I chose one of the shades of blue from the photograph and used it as the background color. I am pleased with the end result, which I consider to be rather aesthetic and pleasing to the eyes.

16 May, 2010

Lego Animation 8-Bit Trip from the blog of Nick La from the Rymdreglage's Youtube channel

The blog shows an artistic short film from the Rymdreglage's Youtube channel.


Week 5.4

Earlier this year for the class GRA3820 Ad Design at the Columbia campus of SouthUniversity, I created a billboard advertisement for a wristband. The wristband was to be a way to raise funds for the relief effort for the country of Haiti. Earthquake victims would benefit from the funds caused by the purchase of this product by U.S. Citizens. I blurred out the names of the companies in this work to avoid copyright infringement. The professor wanted for the students to create a fictional campaign for the American Red Cross for this assignment. I thought it would be cool to compare the wristband that I designed to the famous LIVESTRONG wristband. You may remember how those wristbands were sold to fund research on cancer. As you can see in my illustration, the layout of the advertisement is asymmetrical. The photograph of the yellow wristband bleeds off the billboard. I did this to put more emphasis on the red wristband. I enjoyed creating this project, and I received a good grade on it.

11 May, 2010

Week 5.3

I have finished creating a brand logo for my future small business. Well, that is if I decided to create my own small business in this poor economy.

I first came up with the idea on paper with a ball tip ink pen. I drew the contour lines first, then shaded it in black.  I redid my concept three times to perfect the shapes for the "s" shapes. I first made them a solid shape; I changed it to to half-circles to strengthen the brand logo. I decided to put a Trademark symbol at the end to show that I would trademark the logo instead of restrict it. My college director for the Science of Graphic Design major told me that my branding was strong and well thought.

07 May, 2010

Adam Wilson | Graphic Designer | Blog: Long Lunch Event 35 - Graphical House

Adam Wilson | Graphic Designer | Blog: Long Lunch Event 35 - Graphical House

Week 5.2

The following is a brand logo for a fake company called Amalgamated Industries, Inc. for the class GRA3900 Design Marketing at the Columbia Campus of SouthUniversity. I redesigned this logo many times as I tried to capture the idea logo with an asymmetrical buildup. Here is the first rough draft:
I made this logo as a implied abbreviation of the company's name. The "a" is combined with the first "i." This logo did not do it for me since it looks too compound and downsized. I decided to try this next:
The professor informed me of how the font implied negative historic connotation of NAZI German characteristics. The puropse of the assignment was to redesign a logo that celebrates a 100 year anniversary of the company. I thought using a logo that implied the old german coat of arms would be original. Yes, it was original, yet contriversal.

So, I designed the current logo, and I am pleased with my final efforts.

06 May, 2010

Week 5.1

Sometimes I ask myself where I came up with the creativity for this particular piece:

04 May, 2010

Week 4.2

This picture is a final project for Multimedia II Class that I took at South University earlier this year. Again, the subject is a Pyro-GX from the computer game, DESCENT II, which I liked using as a prop for my 3D illustrations. This picture took 5 hours to complete, which is a heartbeat compared to earlier project time tables.

Week 4.1

It is so amazing how Autodesk Maya can allow the imagination to be illustrated into existence. For Multimedia II Class at SouthUniversity, I was allowed to create a Digital 3D illustration using Autodesk Maya. I decided to use a spaceship from a computer game called DESCENT II. The space ship is called the Pyro-GX, and is a type of military vehicle that was designed in Israel. This particular Pyro-GX is launching a missile at an enemy mecha (off-screen to the illustration) over a submerged city. I enjoyed making this illustration, though it took a total of 9 hours to complete.

02 May, 2010

Week 3.2

It takes creativity to make or break a design. This design was a final for a Photoshop class at SouthUniversity. The subject matter is the logo for the band, Jamiroquai. The setting is a fantasy like concert with the band's logo multiplying and coming to life. The photograph is meant to be a fan art, as well as a desktop wallpaper for widescreen computer monitors. This illustration took around 6 hours to complete. I was happy to receive a good grade on the assignment from Professor Gurley.

26 April, 2010

Week 3.1

This was my design for the fifth and final project for Concept Design class at the Columbia Campus of SouthUniversity. This advertisement poster illustrates the capabilities of the DJ named "AJ the DJ" which is my DJ name. The assignment asked the students in the concept design class to make a self-promotion poster that was creative. I recalled an album art to some continuous mix that I saw in the past. I do not recall who made that music CD album, but I do recall it looking similar to my image.

22 April, 2010

Week 2.2

This project here was a final project for an advertisement design class at the Columbia Campus of SouthUniversity. This project caused a little frustration for me since I was coaxed to redo it 23 times. That is right - I counted how many times I redid this project.
This project is under Creative Commons, Non-Profit, and is not to be used for the company BeWell Home Services of Charleston, South Carolina. Their website, http://www.bewellhomeservices.org/ is very well designed and is great for those who are looking for an alternative to using a nursing home for their elderly relatives. The professor for the class assigned to each student a company to make a fake advertisement for. I originally was assigned the Association of Zoos and Aquariums, but I switched that company with Lee, a fellow student, with his assigned company - Be Well Home Services. For the assignment, I had to come up with a convincing ad that would capture the attention of the reader. The ad was for a magazine spread that would be use two pages. I decided to show a side by side comparison of a Charleston home and an abandoned mental institution. The Charleston home photograph is from Flickr.com. I made sure it had a Creative Commons license before using it. The other picture is also from Flickr, and is a picture of a room in an abandoned building in Detroit, Michigan. The purpose of the photograph was to over-illustrate what elderly people visualize a nursing home to be like. I thought this picture would do justice to the ad, so I used it. The photograph of the elderly grandmother is also from Flickr.com. I used Photoshop on it many times to correct the gamma, contrast, and shadows of the photograph. I redid the layout 21 times until it appeared to be just right. I was thankful to be done, and I was pleased with the end result.

20 April, 2010

Week 2.1

What a beautiful day today. Pictured here is the treetops of pine trees at Fort Jackson. I usually do not photograph this military post, yet this morning, I wanted to capture the sunrise over South Carolina.

For SouthUniversity's Corporate ID & Branding class, I have designed a logo for a fictional place called the Agua Buena Resort & Spa. The logo depicts a  green violet-eared hummingbird eating nectar from Costa Rica's national flower, the Mulberry Guaria (Guarianthe skinneri).

11 April, 2010

Week 1.2

Yesterday, I visited Isle of Palms and Charleston, South Carolina. When I arrived to the beach at Isle of Palms, the wind was strong and the ocean water was cold. Sand was blowing into people's eyes; the oceanfront's temperature was around 60 degrees Fahrenheit. Since this was so, I did not stay long at Isle of Palms.

In Downtown Charleston, I decided to visit East Bay Street and the Old Exchange. I had a great time at both places; the weather was an improvement by that evening. When I was leaving the downtown area, I saw an interesting building whose architecture was unique.

07 April, 2010

Week 1.1

Typography Project from 2009 

I remember last year a project that was my final for GRA 1011 Typography I class for SouthUniversity Columbia. The assignment was to use text to make a graphic illustration that was to make the viewer's eyes wander all over the cube's design. My cube had colors that are typically seen in Miami, Florida, and will make an elderly man's blood pressure rise. For the main face of this cube, I used the phrase, "MIAMI COLORS" as the project's focus. The idea for this is based upon an album art by the artist Mylo. The album art is the front cover to the album Destroy Rock N Roll. The rest of the fonts used on the cube are random, yet have a connection to each other. The patterns used are to illustrate an artistic approach to the assignment's call for rhythm and dynamism. I received a grade B on the assignment due to the fact that I took the assignment in a direction that the professor did not expect me to go. I am still satisfied with the end result of my work, yet I acknowledge that changes to the design could have improved my grade, especially in the design of the fonts.