26 April, 2010

Week 3.1

This was my design for the fifth and final project for Concept Design class at the Columbia Campus of SouthUniversity. This advertisement poster illustrates the capabilities of the DJ named "AJ the DJ" which is my DJ name. The assignment asked the students in the concept design class to make a self-promotion poster that was creative. I recalled an album art to some continuous mix that I saw in the past. I do not recall who made that music CD album, but I do recall it looking similar to my image.

22 April, 2010

Week 2.2

This project here was a final project for an advertisement design class at the Columbia Campus of SouthUniversity. This project caused a little frustration for me since I was coaxed to redo it 23 times. That is right - I counted how many times I redid this project.
This project is under Creative Commons, Non-Profit, and is not to be used for the company BeWell Home Services of Charleston, South Carolina. Their website, http://www.bewellhomeservices.org/ is very well designed and is great for those who are looking for an alternative to using a nursing home for their elderly relatives. The professor for the class assigned to each student a company to make a fake advertisement for. I originally was assigned the Association of Zoos and Aquariums, but I switched that company with Lee, a fellow student, with his assigned company - Be Well Home Services. For the assignment, I had to come up with a convincing ad that would capture the attention of the reader. The ad was for a magazine spread that would be use two pages. I decided to show a side by side comparison of a Charleston home and an abandoned mental institution. The Charleston home photograph is from Flickr.com. I made sure it had a Creative Commons license before using it. The other picture is also from Flickr, and is a picture of a room in an abandoned building in Detroit, Michigan. The purpose of the photograph was to over-illustrate what elderly people visualize a nursing home to be like. I thought this picture would do justice to the ad, so I used it. The photograph of the elderly grandmother is also from Flickr.com. I used Photoshop on it many times to correct the gamma, contrast, and shadows of the photograph. I redid the layout 21 times until it appeared to be just right. I was thankful to be done, and I was pleased with the end result.

20 April, 2010

Week 2.1

What a beautiful day today. Pictured here is the treetops of pine trees at Fort Jackson. I usually do not photograph this military post, yet this morning, I wanted to capture the sunrise over South Carolina.

For SouthUniversity's Corporate ID & Branding class, I have designed a logo for a fictional place called the Agua Buena Resort & Spa. The logo depicts a  green violet-eared hummingbird eating nectar from Costa Rica's national flower, the Mulberry Guaria (Guarianthe skinneri).

11 April, 2010

Week 1.2

Yesterday, I visited Isle of Palms and Charleston, South Carolina. When I arrived to the beach at Isle of Palms, the wind was strong and the ocean water was cold. Sand was blowing into people's eyes; the oceanfront's temperature was around 60 degrees Fahrenheit. Since this was so, I did not stay long at Isle of Palms.

In Downtown Charleston, I decided to visit East Bay Street and the Old Exchange. I had a great time at both places; the weather was an improvement by that evening. When I was leaving the downtown area, I saw an interesting building whose architecture was unique.

07 April, 2010

Week 1.1

Typography Project from 2009 

I remember last year a project that was my final for GRA 1011 Typography I class for SouthUniversity Columbia. The assignment was to use text to make a graphic illustration that was to make the viewer's eyes wander all over the cube's design. My cube had colors that are typically seen in Miami, Florida, and will make an elderly man's blood pressure rise. For the main face of this cube, I used the phrase, "MIAMI COLORS" as the project's focus. The idea for this is based upon an album art by the artist Mylo. The album art is the front cover to the album Destroy Rock N Roll. The rest of the fonts used on the cube are random, yet have a connection to each other. The patterns used are to illustrate an artistic approach to the assignment's call for rhythm and dynamism. I received a grade B on the assignment due to the fact that I took the assignment in a direction that the professor did not expect me to go. I am still satisfied with the end result of my work, yet I acknowledge that changes to the design could have improved my grade, especially in the design of the fonts.