22 April, 2010

Week 2.2

This project here was a final project for an advertisement design class at the Columbia Campus of SouthUniversity. This project caused a little frustration for me since I was coaxed to redo it 23 times. That is right - I counted how many times I redid this project.
This project is under Creative Commons, Non-Profit, and is not to be used for the company BeWell Home Services of Charleston, South Carolina. Their website, http://www.bewellhomeservices.org/ is very well designed and is great for those who are looking for an alternative to using a nursing home for their elderly relatives. The professor for the class assigned to each student a company to make a fake advertisement for. I originally was assigned the Association of Zoos and Aquariums, but I switched that company with Lee, a fellow student, with his assigned company - Be Well Home Services. For the assignment, I had to come up with a convincing ad that would capture the attention of the reader. The ad was for a magazine spread that would be use two pages. I decided to show a side by side comparison of a Charleston home and an abandoned mental institution. The Charleston home photograph is from Flickr.com. I made sure it had a Creative Commons license before using it. The other picture is also from Flickr, and is a picture of a room in an abandoned building in Detroit, Michigan. The purpose of the photograph was to over-illustrate what elderly people visualize a nursing home to be like. I thought this picture would do justice to the ad, so I used it. The photograph of the elderly grandmother is also from Flickr.com. I used Photoshop on it many times to correct the gamma, contrast, and shadows of the photograph. I redid the layout 21 times until it appeared to be just right. I was thankful to be done, and I was pleased with the end result.

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