04 May, 2010

Week 4.2

This picture is a final project for Multimedia II Class that I took at South University earlier this year. Again, the subject is a Pyro-GX from the computer game, DESCENT II, which I liked using as a prop for my 3D illustrations. This picture took 5 hours to complete, which is a heartbeat compared to earlier project time tables.

Week 4.1

It is so amazing how Autodesk Maya can allow the imagination to be illustrated into existence. For Multimedia II Class at SouthUniversity, I was allowed to create a Digital 3D illustration using Autodesk Maya. I decided to use a spaceship from a computer game called DESCENT II. The space ship is called the Pyro-GX, and is a type of military vehicle that was designed in Israel. This particular Pyro-GX is launching a missile at an enemy mecha (off-screen to the illustration) over a submerged city. I enjoyed making this illustration, though it took a total of 9 hours to complete.