07 April, 2010

Week 1.1

Typography Project from 2009 

I remember last year a project that was my final for GRA 1011 Typography I class for SouthUniversity Columbia. The assignment was to use text to make a graphic illustration that was to make the viewer's eyes wander all over the cube's design. My cube had colors that are typically seen in Miami, Florida, and will make an elderly man's blood pressure rise. For the main face of this cube, I used the phrase, "MIAMI COLORS" as the project's focus. The idea for this is based upon an album art by the artist Mylo. The album art is the front cover to the album Destroy Rock N Roll. The rest of the fonts used on the cube are random, yet have a connection to each other. The patterns used are to illustrate an artistic approach to the assignment's call for rhythm and dynamism. I received a grade B on the assignment due to the fact that I took the assignment in a direction that the professor did not expect me to go. I am still satisfied with the end result of my work, yet I acknowledge that changes to the design could have improved my grade, especially in the design of the fonts.

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