07 May, 2010

Week 5.2

The following is a brand logo for a fake company called Amalgamated Industries, Inc. for the class GRA3900 Design Marketing at the Columbia Campus of SouthUniversity. I redesigned this logo many times as I tried to capture the idea logo with an asymmetrical buildup. Here is the first rough draft:
I made this logo as a implied abbreviation of the company's name. The "a" is combined with the first "i." This logo did not do it for me since it looks too compound and downsized. I decided to try this next:
The professor informed me of how the font implied negative historic connotation of NAZI German characteristics. The puropse of the assignment was to redesign a logo that celebrates a 100 year anniversary of the company. I thought using a logo that implied the old german coat of arms would be original. Yes, it was original, yet contriversal.

So, I designed the current logo, and I am pleased with my final efforts.

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